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Stop Foreclosure for Good

The Foreclosure Stoppers 

Stroman Foreclosures and Loans is your trusted partner in avoiding foreclosure and in keeping your most prized real estate investment. Allow us to help you when your home is going into foreclosure and you cannot make a mortgage payment.

We offer dependable assistance in the form of legal consultation and loan modification, regardless of the situation. You can also rely on us to buy or list a property in the Five Boroughs of New York. Personal and business loans are also available nationwide!

Mission Statement 

Our goal at Stroman Foreclosures and Loans is to help you get back on track in stopping the foreclosure of your home. If you cannot afford to pay the mortgage, we will buy the house so you don’t lose credit later on.

Personal/Business Loans

Legal Consultation

Buy/Sell/List Properties


About the Owner

Peter Stroman has been involved in the real estate industry for more than 30 years. He has firsthand experience of what it was like to have a home taken away from him due to foreclosure. As such, he would like to extend a helping hand by paying off a judgment and giving families peace of mind an opportunity to start over.


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